Gallatin County Farm Bureau Board of Directors:

Gallatin County Directors Pictured with Senator Dale Fowler during the 96th Annual Gallatin County Farm Bureau Meeting. Not Pictured Joe Raben and Blake Luckett



Hugh David Scates, President 


Township: Gold Hill



Jim Raben, Vice President


Township: Ridgway



William Raben, Secretary 


Township: North Fork



Richard Noll, Treasurer 


Township: Asbury



Don Brockett 


Township: Omaha



D.J. McGuire


Township: New Haven



Kenny Roe


Township: Eagle Creek




David Logsdon


Township: Bolulesville 



Joe Raben


Township: Equality



Ron Rushing


Township: Shawnee 

Blake Luckett

Young Leader Chairman 

Marisa Davis



Melissa Drone


Administrative Assistant

Maridy Tso

Ag in the Classroom Coordinator/Foundation Manager 

 Saline County Board of Directors:

Saline County Farm Bureau Delegation and Staff At the 2017 IAA Annual Meeting in Chicago in December

 Lowell Tison, President


Township:Long Branch

 Sam DeNeal


Township: Mountain

Jim Haney, Secretary


Township: Independence

Randy Anderson, Treasurer



Joe Bramlet


Township: Eldorado

Chris Drone


Township: Stonefort 

Chris Evans


Township: Raleigh 

Elaine Myers


Township: Harrisburg 

Jim Patterson


Township: Tate 

Aaron Craig 


Township: Cottage 

Phillip Richerson


Township: Rector 

Jaden Littlefield

Township: Carrier Mills 

Tom Wilson - Vice President


Township: Galatia 

Marisa Davis



Hazel Tucker


Administrative Assistant 

Maridy Tso


Ag in the Classroom Coordinator/ Foundation Manager